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Narrative Cinematography Showcase
Selected highlights featuring various types of narrative visual media.
All cinematography by Jake Jaramillo.
Flynn Ryder - Better Off feat. Chandler Kruse (Official Music Video)
The official music video for Flynn Ryder's new single, "Better Off," featuring Chandler Kruse.
Directed by Nick Pollack
Cinematography, Editing, & Coloring by Jake Jaramillo
Slow Dance (2019)
A teenager takes a girl on a blind date to prom after a recent breakup.
Directed by Nick Pollack.
Cinematography by Jake Jaramillo.
The fate of an entire life is held between two checkboxes that contain the crucial decision of returning to life or ending it all.
Directed by Brennan Zhou.
Screenplay, Cinematography, & Editing by Jake Jaramillo.
Black Rose (2018)
Hamilton Senior Graduation (2017)
A video premiered at Hamilton High School's 2017 graduation ceremony.
Directed by Brennan Zhou
Screenplay, Cinematography, & Editing by Jake Jaramillo
Letters (2017)
Second place winner at the Chandler Unified School District's 2017 Student Film Festival.
Directed by Brennan Zhou
Cinematography & Editing by Jake Jaramillo.
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