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Long-Form Editing Showcase

Selected highlights featuring various types of content.

All editing by Jake Jaramillo.

Our Birth Vlog –– Matt & Abby
Retention-based unscripted family vlog. Editing by Jake Jaramillo.
Trying EVERY Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake –– Matt & Abby
Fast-paced unscripted challenge video. Editing by Jake Jaramillo.
The Camera I'm Using to Win an Oscar –– Jake Jaramillo
Short story-focused video. Editing & Thumbnail by Jake Jaramillo.
8 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Set Up Your LLC –– Mauricio Rauld
Short educational video. Editing & Thumbnail by Jake Jaramillo.
Hyper Inflation is Here - What That Means for 2022 –– Ken McElroy
Long-form video & audio podcast. Editing & Thumbnail by Jake Jaramillo.
New Rule: What a GOOD Credit Score Means for YOU –– PallasHQ
Short educational intro demo. Editing by Jake Jaramillo.
5 Urgent Warnings for All Investors –– Ken McElroy
Long-form educational live stream. Produced, directed, and thumbnail by Jake Jaramillo.
Short-form editing can be found on my YouTube channel!
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